The comprehensive accessories of Samsung Galaxy S7

Today I will discuss about the comprehensive accessories of Samsung Galaxy S7. As you all know Galaxy S7 is all set to come in the market and it has been in the eye of everyone. The number of al appealing accessories you can get once your versatile smartphone will be around. If you want to groom the usability and functionality of the Samsung Galaxy S7, the following accessories will give the maximum beneficial for the users.


List of Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Accessories

1. Samsung 2A Adaptive Fast Charging Micro-USB Car Charger

This Samsung Galaxy S7 car charger is constituted with Quick charge 2.0 technology which gives extra boost to the charging speed over the traditional charger. This is so functional and truly gives you extra edge so you cannot resist its richness in charging your phone in no time. The charging adapter and micro USB cable of 5 ft is quite compatible with your Galaxy S7 and not only this it is compatible with those that devices which do not have Quick Charge abilities. This is the big recommendation for Galaxy S7.

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2. Verus Thor Active Case

The Verus Thor Active Case is unique in design and its protection is also at its best. It is shock absorbant and in the exterior there is rubberized polycarbonate. The case in reinforced with good quality padding so any danger will not come your phone’s way. It is featured with swivel clip and it is quite durable. There is also kickstand with this case so that watching movie and video will not be uneasy for you. The wide range of 9 different colors will give you plenty of options to choose from.

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3. Samsung Wireless Charging Vehicle Dock

Wireless charging is not only remarkable need but by all means it is convenient for the users. These days lot of people spend their time in driving so this wireless charging system is best for vehicle so you will not feel that you are missing something very big. Samsung Galaxy S7 wireless charging vehicle dock can be placed before the dashboard or in windshield for the happy charging without cables. It has its own micro USB cable and car charging adapter so you can plug into the base of the mount and there is 3M pad for dash mounting. With that support you can rotate your phone in any angles like vertical or horizontal, which depends on your comfort or your need when you are driving. But one thing you should note that you cannot use this accessory with comfort when you accompany this with thin case or any cases. It is better to use vehicle dock without any cases on your beautiful phone.

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4. Spigen Crystal HD Screen Protector

There is always need of good screen protector for your phone’s sophisticated touchscreen. It is an excellent choice for Samsung Galaxy S7 to protect your screen from general attacks. It has 2 front protectors and there is also film for the back. It does not bother touch screen quality of work or its sensors as it has come with 3H hardness rating. It is overall amazing for protecting your screen from harsh attack which can damage your phone and can land you in lot of expenses.

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4. TYLT Powerplant 5200 mAh portable Battery Pack

It is true that you cannot electric facility everywhere like home. By keeping this in mind TYLT Powerplant battery pack is designed which do not only increase the duration of battery power on your phone but also make your life comfortable everywhere. It has extra 5200 mAh lithium-ion battery, which give juice to your phone at the time of urgent need. There is also attached micro USB cable for the connectivity with the Samsung Galaxy S7 There is also LED which will show you the percentage of battery consumption on the powerplant. The extra USB port is also available for charging another device. This accessory is good for your Galaxy S7.

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6. Spigen Neo Hybrid Case

This Spigen Company has built its position as it is trustworthy brand. You cannot ever go wrong if you are going with its case for Samsung Galaxy S7. This case is truly amazing in handling the serious drops and with its case you can be tension free for your phone lives. There is bumper of aluminium around the edges of the phone is for preventing your phone from scratches, bumps and drops. It is accompanied with shock absorbing TPU core and polycarbonate exterior. The case will not discourage your reach to the display, camera, buttons and ports. It will be good choice for making your phone durable and uniquely design.

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7. Ventev Stylus Pro

Ventex Stylus Pro is uniquely designed to give comfort in usability. It gives full exposure to writing and drawing. It is functional as it works like pen and offers 4 unique colors. Galaxy S7 Stylus does have clip which will make you comfortable in carrying it in your pockets. Stylus solves your various purpose and give you privilege to use your mobile in decent manner and it will not hurt your phone’s screen as it is completely safe to use.

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8. Samsung Wireless Charging Pad

Samsung Wireless Charging Pad is the best featured and offers conditional advantages over other. It comes with 2A micro USB charger to plug into the pad. It has also charging LED which will inform you about your battery status. It is quite compatible with any other Qi-compatible device so it will be good investment. You can use it anywhere in the office or home.

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9. SOL Republic Jax Headphones

There is always hunger in youngster to have good sound in their phone. There is no doubt that Samsung Galaxy S7 has also its own good sound but having headphones like SOL Republic Jax will be the great quality sound enhancer. This will be the great option for the music lover as it produces good sound through earbuds and microphone.  The unique colors of headphone like lemon lime colors, black and blue are for the music listening with style. You are fortunate enough that you can make your calls hands-free with the help of headphone as it is safe to use this manner.

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10. Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is certainly a good option indeed if you want to mirror your phone screen on your big TV and it is also wireless. The Chromecast is easy to operate as you have to go to the extra HDMI Port on your TV and after this you have to install chromecast app on your Samsung Galaxy S7. There will be no opportunity display your screen in the notification shade so for that you need to open the App. This is so functional and viewing anything is easy.

11. SanDisk Ultra 64 GB Flash Drive

There is always possibility that your need is greater than availability so no worry if you have lack of Micro SD card slot in your phone. There is Sandisk which is quiet amazing in handling single storage solution. You can pick any 16 GB and 32 GB.

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12. Zagg Pocket Bluetooth Keyboard

This keyboard is amazing as it gives extra 85 percent typing space more than usual keyboard. This 9 inch keyboard is long which can be easily folded to rectangle which will become in size 2.5 inches only. It can be easily paired with Bluetooth and it has Micro USB for charging.

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13. Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch

If you want to sync your Samsung Galaxy S7 with this smartwatch then you will be given the data of your fitness level through your daily activities. It can offer you notifications and calls and there is camera as well. This will be the permanent solution for your daily fitness of health by losing your weight to great extend.

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14. Samsung Gear VR

The Gear VR headset is spectacular in use as it is smaller and compatible with Galaxy S7. There is also Samsung Milk VR service which gives 360 degree video content. There is a sensors and USB port as well.

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15. Star Tech Micro USB to USB OTG Adapter Cable

This cable will switch to Micro USB port on your new Galaxy S7. You can use it to attach external storage, mice, keyboards and other devices which will increase your storage and transferring the files are easy with this.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 will surely be worthy investment and there are various supporters in the form of accessories. You can say they are the true enhancer which improves your phone’s functionality and usability so grabbing all the above option from Amazon will be the best deal for the people like us. Get these accessories and have more fun with your new flagship Samsung Galaxy S7. do not forget to check the galaxy s7 cases.

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