Permanent Comfort with Wallet case for Samsung galaxy S7

Wallet case for Samsung Galaxy S7 will be the best option for the phone like this. Wallet case is designed in a manner to give full strength to your appealing phone. It enhances the look of your phone and make it more luxurious and at the same time professional as well. The best thing about the wallet case is that it can be used as purse as well as it has counterparts for your different valuables. There is separate place for credit or debit cards or cash which is accompanied with gripped enclosure so using wallet case for your flagship will give plenty of additional advantages.

I have well rounded with such wallet case which will not be only protective for your smartphone but also take care of your style by keeping something into consideration. Wallet cases come in several designs like soft case, hard case, folio style front flap and there are slots for multiple cards. Whatever is in your priority list, wallet case is all the way for your comfort of use and style. Check the different wallet cases:

galaxy s7 wallet cases

List of best Wallet Cases for Galaxy s7 and Galaxy S7 edge

1. Verus Damda Slide Samsung Galaxy S7 Wallet Case

The Verus Damda Slide is a hard case which can offer secured place for two cards. This case is slider with good fit but it will become easier to use it with time. This wallet case is ideal for those who prefer to have wallet case without folio flap for covering the front screen though there is compartment for holding the card also. Go for it if you imagination for your case for your phone.


  • It holds two cards, lightweight, sleek and easy to open and close.
  • There is internal air space which keeps your phone safe from drops.
  • It does not offer screen protector and no folio flap to protect screen.
  • No kickstand but there is card compartments which can also be used to keep cash.

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2. ACEABOVE Kickstand Feature Samsung Galaxy S7 Wallet Case

ACEABOVE has everything what you look for in your wallet case. The blend of kickstand and front folio pattern case and this case comes in trendy colors like black color having the sexy stripe of red color and its interior is in red color… The same format you can see with two color combination is between white and pink. It can carry three cards and there is space for money as well. It has snap button rather than magnetic closure.


  • It is uniquely designed with the two different colors combination.
  • You can access easily to ports, jacks and there is also kickstand.
  • It has snap button closure and limited color availability.
  • There is no water resistant, no port covers.
  • It is expensive compared to other wallet case with same designs.

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3. Verus Special Edition Samsung Galaxy S7 Wallet Case

Verus is good for every reason as it offers great protection though it is made up of faux leather. The case is available in 6 colors and openings for jacks, ports and camera. You can keep three cards and individual pockets availability for cash. This case looks so professional and perfect for business meetings. It is also compatible with S6 and S6 Edge phone. The case is amazing in protecting your phone with accidental drops and scratches.


  • There are plenty of storage for different things like cards and cash.
  • There is speaker hole so you can pick the call without removing the folio from screen.
  • It has wide range of 6 different colors by taking your different mood in consideration.
  • There is front cover which makes it more protective and there is snap button.
  • It is not waterproof and water resistant and there is no dust cover and port covers.

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4. Caseflex Genuine Leather Samsung Galaxy S7 Wallet Case

Caseflex is made up of genuine leather as it is more in demand. It has counter for two cards and there is place for cash. It comes with screen protector and it is less capable as compared to other cases above we are seeing. There is opening for the phone like ports, camera and jacks. This wallet case is wonderful to use as it offers various things which gives you more option to make your life comfortable.


  • It comes with genuine leather and will ship with screen protector and cleaning cloth.
  • There is front flap which is good in maintaining the screen and privacy.
  • It is not very expensive and there are two card holders.
  • Accurate openings for camera, ports and jacks.

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5. LK Samsung Galaxy S7 Wallet Case

LK Wallet case for Samsung Galaxy S7 is stunning in look which gives your personality an edge. Its colors availability is like hot pink, back, blue and purple. It has separate slots for money and there are 3 cards slots. It is multi-purpose as it can be perfect for video viewing and watching movies through its kickstand. It will ship you stylus and it is good option in cheap price as it has all the stuffs people look for on their case.


  • It does not have genuine leather instead it is made up of faux leather so we cannot expect too much durability.
  • There is place for three cards with one slot for money.
  • It has kickstand and quite affordable.
  • There is availability of different colors.
  • Wallet may create issue in closing if you will over stuff it with valuables.
  • There are no water resistant properties, no ports covers and no dust covers.

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6. Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 for Girls

This wallet case is specifically designed for Samsung Galaxy so it will not fit in other brands like iPhone, HTC and others. The case is offering number of features as you can keep three cards and there is individual place for money as well. It is made up of PU leather and there is magnetic clip for the complete safety. There is screen cleaning cloth, screen cover and stylus and yet inexpensive so going for it will be wise decision for the girls. It is so feminine and stylish which gives full exposure to your stylish lifestyle.


  • There is magnetic enclosure and it is quite safe to use and keep your stuffs safe.
  • The case is having three card slots along with there is a place for keeping other important papers and documents even.
  • It is made up of high quality PU leather almost like real leather which is also durable.
  • It is inexpensive yet known for its long lasting use.

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7. Navor Samsung Galaxy S7 Wallet Case

Navor Wallet case for Samsung Galaxy S7 is perfect in preventing scratches, bumps, dirt and pollution. It does have magnetic enclosure for giving extra safety to your valuables. The camera, ports and jacks are well rolled with its openings. It is easy to remove and put on the case. All these features come only in this price range. The case is offering 3 card slots, ID and secured place for money as well. It has kickstand so you can use it for video viewing and for watching videos.


  • It comes with kickstand and with wrist strap as well.
  • There is slot for credit cards, ID and there is back slot for keeping cash.
  • It has magnetic enclosure which will keep your valuables safe.
  • It has wide range of colors availability like pink, brown, purple, sunflower, red and maroon.

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8. Q Card Wallet case for Samsung Galaxy S7

Q Card wallet case is also unique in its own manner. There is micro-fiber cloth for cleaning your phone. This case does have three card slots and that is also on the back side of the case.

The case will protect your phone’s front screen with the raised lip as if you will keep its face down even there will be no issue of scratches and there will be no chance of other accidents with this. This premium quality case is absolutely safe from every corner and sides so no worry for this.


  • There is a sound redirector which makes the sound coming from the speaker to the front of the phone.
  • There is availability of colors like white, green and blue.
  • There are three cards lots for different use.
  • Precise cuts for all openings.


We should not think twice before picking any of the above wallet case as they are precisely made for Samsung Galaxy S7 and for its unlimited protection and comfort. Buy all the cases from Amazon to get maximum discounts and deals.

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