Fully Functional Samsung Galaxy S7 Battery Cases for Extra Juice Parks

Take full advantage of everything your Samsung Galaxy S7 is going to offer. The moment Samsung Galaxy S7 is going to be in the market then the availability of its Battery cases will be obvious to be around. Already Samsung Galaxy S7 is well-equipped with battery power and well crafted to give the best to its users so you need to keep this latest stunning flagship under the battery case to double the battery life. There is unbeatable and mouth-watering design of the cases for Samsung Galaxy S7 which will compel you to give your phone protection without compromising on its style. Check below the battery cases with added features for Samsung Galaxy S7. We will keep updating the post if there will be availability of new battery cases apart from given list. Also Check our best Portable Charger


List of Best Galaxy S7 Battery Cases

1. Bovon 4200 mAh Battery Case for Galaxy S7 with Flip Cover

There are various people who like to have battery case with the front cover so there will be protection from all sides by giving more battery power at the time of your phone’s battery drainage. You can use this battery case with its kickstand so your phone can be hands-free while watching movies or videos. It has LED indicator to show the battery level of consumption and there is also short circuit protection also. There is less availability of different colors and it will be shipped without screen protector.


  • It has larger battery power.
  • You phone will always be protected against the overcharging short circuit.
  • It has kickstand to watch the movies and videos with different angles.
  • Its front cover is specially designed to protect the screen and privacy.
  • It has no waterproof properties.

2. Sykiila Galaxy S7 Battery Case

Sykiila Galaxy S7 Battery case is not an ordinary battery case as it does not flaunt only good power but also provides protection to your phone. It flaunts two carbon fiber skins for the back side of the case. It is Li-Polymer rechargeable battery which can give150% extra battery life to your phone. It has multiple features like kickstand, LED, charge, syncing and safe from overcharging. It is fingerprint resistant and textured in a manner which gives grip to your phone. This battery case is cool and featured with all useful stuffs.


  • It has carbon fiber skins and easy to use.
  • It is not expensive and gives extra juice to your phone.
  • It comes with kickstand so video and movie watching is enjoying and you can use your phone hands free.
  • There is no waterproof and no screen protection.
  • No wide range of colors.

3. Comsoon 4000 mAh Ultra Slim Battery case for Samsung Galaxy S7

Comsoon 4000 mAh Ultra Slim offers all essential features which should have in any good battery cases. Galaxy S7 is already having good battery power and in that case your battery case will increase your usability and productivity. The case is having precise cuts for camera, ports and jacks and it is easy to operate, lightweight and you can remove it easily. If you want more juice in battery then go for Comsoon as you will always have safe battery for extra use.


  • It offers instant charge, syncing, and protection against overcharging.
  • You will get 4000 mAh battery power more.
  • It has lifetime warranty and there is built-in rugged kickstand.
  • It has smaller battery and will not have screen protector.
  • There is limited color option.

4. Roger 4200 mAh Samsung Galaxy S7

It has super fast charging capability which will make you more productive. There is built-in short circuit and overcharge protection. This inexpensive battery case is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S7 It has no folio front cover.


  • It has turn off or on the battery case instantly.
  • There are also 4 light LED indicators which flaunt the power consumption of battery.
  • It is quite sleek case and there are precise cuts for all essentials.
  • Best for outing or traveling.
  • Without take off the battery case you can reach to its features.

5. NewNow 4200 mAh Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy S7

This battery case is indeed sleek in look and there is availability of wide range of colors like black and white and others. It has LED lights to display the battery status and this wonderful case is good in handling the overcharging or mishap. It is upto you to choose between folio style or regular phone case style and you can easily access to the features and specifications… Its precise cuts are individually designed for the ports, camera and jacks.


  • There is LED indicator for battery status.
  • It has large battery and sleek in design.
  • There is no waterproof properties and will not provide screen protector. No wide range of availability of colors.

There are plenty of questions haunt in your mind before buying sizzling battery cases. These battery cases will provide extra edge in your life as it will not your battery drain. Buy it on Amazon for getting at good price list. You can check its full specifications on Gsmarena and do not go by its rumor. You can get apart from Battery case is covers, body panels, charger and other accessories.

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