Best Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S7

Screen protector plays vital role to get rid of scratches and gives your phone like Samsung Galaxy S7 a new feel and new life. It is obvious to have screen protector along with your brand new phone as you cannot afford to lose the most sophisticated part of your device. A good quality screen protector is rare found so be prepared to take your look at the certain list of it so you will get good conditioned screen protector for your phone.

List of Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Screen Protector


1. Spigen Heavy Duty with screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S7

Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S7 is well crafted which is especially designed for your new phone. This premium quality screen protector is versatile and a 2.0 mm lip around the device is completely safe for the flat surface position. Its Air Cushion Technology is amazing which gives military grade protection.


  • TPU interior shock absorbing and polycarbonate exterior.
  • Raised bezels upto 2.0mm is well built to protect the corners so the screen.
  • Kickstand feature for watching video without interruption.
  • Military grade protection with Air Cushion Technology.
  • Scratch resistant, HD clarity and high touching accuracy.

2. DMAX Armor Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S7

DMAX Armor Screen Protector is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S7 and it is known for its highly transparent texture with ultimate resolution. Its scratch resistant properties are good for using your fingers freely on its screen. It does offer anti-bubble, and does not occur fingerprints.


  • HD quality with resolution.
  • Pre-cut to fit on the screen with perfection and coated with scratch resistant.
  • Lifetime replacement warranty.
  • Easy to install which does not create bubbles.
  • Removing it is also easy which do not leave residue.

3. TechFilm Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S7

Techfilm is ultimate in protecting your screen and it does not produce any bubbles while installing it. The high quality and quite durable protector which offers lifetime replacement warranty. The 3 layers of PET film protect the screen from daily scratches, scrapes and dirt. The easy application of it usually leaves no bubbles so it is always cool ideas to use the screen protector for your ravishing phone.


  • It is quite durable with clear HD Tech film screen protector.
  • Made of the high quality Japanese PET Film with bubbles free properties for easy to remove and for easy installation.
  • Your screen is at safest hand in the company of this screen protector.
  • Avoid daily wear and tear of accidents which tend to damage screen.
  • Techfilm screen protector is compatible with the device.

4. 6X Golebo Anti-Glare screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S7

6X Golebo Anti-Glare are compatible with all kind of screen. This Germany based semi-matt screen protector is quite impressive in preventing scratches, fingerprints, bubbles and other touches. This is amazing in guarding your phone’s screen and its lifetime durability will please you all the way. It is easy to apply and there is also instruction included for the installation if you are having issue. No dirt and pollution will harm your touch screen, your phone will remain new forever.


  • The crystal clear screen protector prevents your screen from day to day dust and scratches and also fingerprints. Its film is anti-reflective and anti-glare.
  • 100% bubbles free and anti-scratch.
  • There is installation instruction demo for assistance.
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 screen protector increases the visibility and readability of the display with the light effect.
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • It fits to the Samsung Galaxy S7’s screen flawlessly.

5. Supershieldz Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S7

This wonderful package of screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S7 is usable and performance oriented. Its easy installation does not require any expert to apply it on your phone’s screen. It is multi-purpose as it offers HD clarity along with dust-proof, scratch proof and fingerprint proof. Its effect and touch will not spoil the clarity of the screen. It is made from high quality Japanese PET Film and 100% bubble free also there will be no residue while removing it.


  • It is coated with scratch resistant, dust resistant so no disorder will harm your sophisticated screen…
  • There is pre-cut to ensure perfect fitting to screen.
  • It will make you feel the real touch and feel with this screen protector.
  • 100% bubble free adhesive for easy installation.
  • HD quality transparency Film which provides high resolution.

6. Premium HD Clear, LK (3 Pack) for Samsung Galaxy S7

This pack of 3 will offer you almost everything you look for. The clarity is unmatched and it is made from Japanese PET film. It is entirely oil-resistant, dust-resistant and scratch proof. It has all good things to offer and quite easy to install. It has lifetime replacement warranty including bubble free properties which keeps your screen clean and clear in appearance. It has 5 premium HD screen protectors, installation manual, dust remove tape, microfiber cloth and bubble removal card.


  • Precise cutouts for the front portion which will not deter using other features.
  • Permanently safe from scratches, scrapes, and other daily wear and tear.
  • Made up of Japanese PET Film.
  • Coated with Premium Nano technology, oil resistant, scratch resistant, and water resistant and no fingerprint will make your phone looking vulgar or dirty.
  • Easy to install and remove.

7. Skinomi TechSkin Premium HD Clear Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S7

This versatile and HD clear screen protector is worth investment for your new phone Samsung Galaxy S7. No original design of the phone will remain hidden with this crystal clear screen protector. It protects your screen from oil, scratches, fingerprints, scrapes, dust and dirt. It fits to the screen with perfection and its greasy texture will resist the water and it will float in upper surface so it will not harm your expensive phone any manner.


  • It offers QHD display.
  • It will not hide the original design of the phone.
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Skinomi is quite sleek and having HD clear screen protector.
  • It covers the touch screen flawlessly and cutouts allow other features usability.
  • It prevents smartly the scratches, dust, fingerprints and greasiness of oil.

8. Ionic Tempered Glass screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S7

This ultra slimmed look Ionic Tempered Glass screen protector is quite accurate when touched due to the 0.33 mm dimension of the glass. You can stay tension free with this tempered glass as it will not let the scratch, dust, scrapes and fingerprints ever bother your phone’s screen.


  • Lifetime replacement warranty.
  • It is capable enough to keep the screen safe, smooth and new forever.
  • Its 9H hardness prevents scratches of the screen.
  • Impact resistant and oil resistant.
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Cutouts of the front portion for the easy use.
  • Thickness is 0.3 mm and shatter proof.

9. SUPCASE Full Body Rugged Holster with built-in screen protector Samsung Galaxy S7

This is the amazing combination of case and screen protector. It is useful for those who do not want to waste their money buying screen protector or case separately. Though its price is quite reasonable and in performance it is superb. It comes in different shades of colors. You can save your phone from accidental drops through the Thermoplastic Polyurethane and Polycarbonate. This screen protector is entirely superb and leaves no opportunity toprotect your phone from different hazard.


  • Provision of access to different ports and buttons.
  • Dual layer protection like shock absorbing core and impact resistant bumper..
  • Created with soft TPU and PC material along with port covers to avoid dust and dirt.
  • Available in different colors and sporty design.
  • For a hands free use, there is 360degree swiveling belt clip holster.
  • Good for outing.

10. Armor Suit MilitaryShield Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S7

ArmorSuit is superb in handling the traces of fingerprints and it is quite easy to install and there will be no chance of bubbles over the screen. It is crystal clear and self healing technology eliminates scratches and dirt. Its UV protection properties are for avoiding yellowing of the screen with time.


  • Military grade protection and self healing technology will make the screen tough to bear the attacks.
  • Long lasting effect of bubble free, avoid fingerprint smudges, oil resistant and protection from scratches.
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Precise cuts for allowing different features usability.
  • HD clarity in glass and uncompromising smoothness.
  • Lifetime replacement warranty.

11. BOMEA Tempered Glass LCD HD Premium Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S7

Its uncompromising features are highly responsive and leave no opportunity to give best to you. It is capable in protecting the screen through scratch resistant and allows high touching accuracy along with HD clarity. This screen protector is so functional and packed with accessories like 1 screen protector, dust removal clipboard and microfiber cloth. Its complete set will not disappoint you and allow you to have fun with your phone without fear. It means it offers best protection to your screen ever.


  • It is purposely created to provide polished look and it is quite thin tempered glass.
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • It is specifically good in covering the flat surface of the screen.
  • Highly impact resistant and eligible to take 5 times the impact.
  • HD clarity and touch screen accuracy.
  • 100% bubble free, and flawless fit to the screen.
  • Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S7.


Best Samsung Galaxy S7screen protector is the capsule for your worthy handset and its review has informed you its importance in day to day lives. Its availability in almost all e-commerce sites like Amazon, eBay, Walmart and others shows that it is quite in demand. It is obvious to have valuable screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S7 as it will give unmatched protection so you will enjoy the freedom of using the phone freely. Shop now on Amazon for the best deals of coupons.

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