iOS 11 Beta 3 Brings Drag and Drop in Messenger App

While we count days for the ultimate launch of the iOS 11, the beta versions are rolling out after sufficient intervals. The iOS 11 beta 3 was released to eager fans like us and after having used it we found a handful of new and improved features in the operating system. We noticed the new drag and drop feature in the Messenger app of iOS 11 and not to mention a handful of other feature that has got us very excited for the finish product which is scheduled to launch in September along with Apple’s next iPhone.

Apple released iOS 11 beta 3 for developers for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. With it the operating system brings customizable Control Center, redesigned multitasking interface, new drag-and-drop features in the Messenger app along with a ton of little tweaked features that is destined to make the OS much better than its predecessor. Like we said it’s a developer’s beta and therefore is only available for registered users. So if you are not a developer or at least don’t have access to developers beta, you can very well get your hands on the iOS 11 beta 2 for public or you can wait for the iOS 11 public beta 3, that’ll roll out in the coming weeks.

iOS 11 public beta 3

iOS 11 beta 3

Some of the things (besides drag and drop on Messenger app) that we noticed in the new iOS 11 beta 3 version include a brand new splash screen for the Health application, we also happened to notice a much thinner banner for the new and exciting Screen Recording feature. Accessing Apple TV has become easier than ever because you can head directly to the Control Center and then tap on the Apple TV remote. Speaking of the Control Center, we discovered something fun, i.e., now you can go to the corresponding application very easily just by tapping on the now playing widget.

Apart from these we noticed that the Spotlight Search has gone below the search bar and that the lyrics of the Music app have become smaller. Now folders can be added to the Dock of iOS 11 and on iPad you can close applications that you have just used by swiping them up, which is cool.

In Conclusion

If you are using the iOS 11 Beta 3 and don’t know what new features have come on board, you can certainly take a look at the list of beta features that we happened to discover. And if you aren’t using the beta version, then we’d recommend you do it unless you want of wait for weeks to get your hands on the full version of the iOS 11. If you found this post useful and do share it in social media sites.

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